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Rules of action 2005 to 06

This is the first time when Shyamchak handicap welfare association’s new management committee took step for work. At first the president Mr. Ramananda Ray congratulate to all members of this welfare association. After that they made future plan of Shyamchak handicap welfare association. First- Every member of Shyamchak handicap welfare committee have to do all work from their heart, and take care of all subjects visually. Second- We have to search below 18years all handicap child of every villages in our block Madpur under K.G.P-II. We have to take information from their family and we must inform them about our welfare association. Third- We have to give all handicap Children well food and good health, and make them regular, disciplined, punctual and resolute to make them establish in the society by handicraft. Fourth- Handicap is not burden in our society and they are not dependent on any types of compassion. We have to clear this superstation from their heart. They are united in perseverance. Here need some magnanimous member for teach and look after them like their own child. Fifth- one resident house have to make for the school and students can be stay there. For this all members have to help by heart and soul. And have to take risk primarily. We have to try to make this Shyamchak handicap welfare association. For this we will keep resolution all the time that we make it success in favour and unfavour. Sixth- always this association will engaged with hungry and sick person, disregarded child etc. Shyamchak handicap welfare association always will be ready to show the right way to that person who is facing grave problems. “Where Honesty, There winery” We will keep step one by one to remind this chief object. All members have to take care. “Where’s Life, There’s God” All the members of this meeting audible all words of the president and they all promised that they will make their life fulfill with some honest work.

Annual report 2005-06
Shymchak handicap welfare associations’ annual report We will take care and well nurse to handicap child. Make Kinsmen relation between all the students of our society. Arrange one cultural program of “Eye Donation Camp” in the attention of block head. Plant a tree by the help of members and villagers. Work started by the improvement of mud way of village etc. Health camp and announcement to observe the pregnant mother that the new born baby will not be an orphan.

Audit Report 2005 -06
Income of Shyamchak handicap welfare association possessed of expense, by the order of Auditor. It is the similar and right way. In future we don’t need any problems. For this we are completing this as rule. In the present time income and expense is going similarly. In future we have see to the income for cover all the needs.