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Establishment Time

In the year of 2005 to 2006, the month of July. 13/07/2005 – it was Friday one afternoon our kind hearted secretary displayed his hearty feelings front of his friends and relatives. At first everybody was anxious about it. How it can possible in a rural area. After that our magnanimous secretary Mr. Bablu Manik had blown his diligent dream to us.
Mr. Bablu Manik explains the full matter in that friend meeting. After him teachers of the Shyamchak Madhyamik Viddyalay gives their views about this matter. The sympathetic, honest, unfired teacher Mr. Ramananda Roy also encourage about this matter. He gave few words about them, who is taking responsibility of this social work and who is making this association for giving a permanent shelter of this poor and backward classes. He explain to all that, this project need very hard work and need some firmly person to success.

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Every day is becoming a struggle for food and survival for them. Help Save the Children in its relief and protection work.


Help poor children fight their way out of poverty. When it is hard to afford necessities like food, shelter, and clothing; education becomes a luxury that the poor give up.

Our Work

Old and aged person’s eyes operation camp. Blood donation camp for dying patient. Stand behind any natural accident. Have to remove all superstition for our society. Give advice to be noble minded to each other. We will make toilets and supply clean water in all area of villages. At first our aim will be make a good society by monetary way.



Collect handicap related various books where have some ideal handicap’s life story. And make one library to keep all the books.

Immediate observation

Mr. President was said, “Don’t saturate own in incitement. Stay with smile beside any accidental cases. Try to help them by heart and soul. “If heart will fearless Then head will higher”. Always remember this acci sentence. With this we will try to win human heart by doing some social work. Thus we will success the motive of Shyamchak Handicap Welfare Association.

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Shyamchak Prathibandhi Kalyan Samity

Shyamchak Prathibandhi Kalyan Samity


Shyamchak Prathibandhi Kalyan Samity


Shyamchak Prathibandhi Kalyan Samity