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Establishment Time

In the year of 2005 to 2006, the month of July. 13/07/2005 – it was Friday one afternoon our kind hearted secretary displayed his hearty feelings front of his friends and relatives. At first everybody was anxious about it. How it can possible in a rural area. After that our magnanimous secretary Mr. Bablu Manik had blown his diligent dream to us.
Mr. Bablu Manik explains the full matter in that friend meeting. After him teachers of the Shyamchak Madhyamik Viddyalay gives their views about this matter. The sympathetic, honest, unfired teacher Mr. Ramananda Roy also encourage about this matter. He gave few words about them, who is taking responsibility of this social work and who is making this association for giving a permanent shelter of this poor and backward classes. He explain to all that, this project need very hard work and need some firmly person to success.
Mr. Utpal Bhowmik suggests concentrating everybody of that area and the entire educated person who was present that meeting. And he also concentrates of this matter. Like this they took some meetings. At last they all decide to organize one meeting on 20/07/2005. Every person will be present there.
I thought their present all person was variegate in his heart to make this organization for infra-red handicap child.
Everybody gave their views and suggestion in this matter. The honest educated master Sri. Ramananda Roy concentrates everybody’s thoughtful suggestion. After that he decided to make some official relation to take decision jointly.
They took decision together that in our village lens we saw physically handicap, blind, deaf and dumb, mental patient and like that all poor persons. If we want to do some social work, we can do something for them.
Mr. Bablu Manik said that in this matter at first we have to go our block and get information how much handicap person live in our village and everybody agree with him. And take decision that with in one or two days they will take information about this matter.
After some days when village chief wanted to know about this matter he said to Mr. Bablu Manik that he will help him about this matter. And he informed that three hundred handicap and mental patient are there in block. Mr. Pradhan said that he is thankful to Mr. Bablu Manik that he got one person like him who is thinking for poor, hungry, cloth less person. This thankfulness is a big gift for Mr. Bablu Manik.
Slowly he round all house of village and block by cycle and bike and took information. Next they all choose one place. They call primarily all handicap student to make them sense. They realize that one home is need for it. After some time they took decision that they will take one rental home behind the Shyamchak station. Where’s twenty to thirty students can sit together. They planed to make a permanent house for these students in few times.
Accordingly buildup the shyamchak handicap community. Whose life giver is Sri. Biswajit Manik. Who invest his important 22 years of his life for this association. He presents his clear conscience, blameless, educated, beneficent heart to God. Mr. Bablu Manik got some affliction in his life, against it. He receives all handicap children like his own child. He made this organization for orphan, poor, despised, outraged child. For them he is doing hard work only for his own child death. He faces various types of action and reaction but he till now prostration and hard work for this poor, orphan, outraged child. Carries the entire religious person with him from 2005 -06 to till now without any govt. help. By Some kind hearted persons help, today he made a school of class I to VIII on a measure of land. He can make a permanent shelter for physical handicap, blind, dumb etc. child. All this are possible for the life givers hard work by heart.